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Marilyn Goldberg​

Marilyn Goldberg, President of Museum Masters International

Marilyn Goldberg, President of MMI was celebrated April 11, 2008, by receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence for 30 years by her peers and 20 year president of Art Expo in NYC where she established all of her business. She was selected and named in conjunction with Creative Greats including Salvador Dali, and Andy Warhol in 2008.  Jane Seymour, the Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actress and artist hosted and emceed the ceremony. The Hall of Fame inductees’ bios and examples of their work, were then displayed on the floor of the Javits Convention Center during Art Expo New York 2008 including Museum Master’s Andy Warhol’s hand woven hand knotted limited Edition Tapestries.

Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s Soup Tapestry’s. (One of MMI’s many developed publications.)  The president of MMI is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Fine and Applied Arts (1966) and the New York School of Interior Design (1978); Her combined space planning, exhibition and gallery planning, sense of color, renderings for all product development, design skills, and Fine Art and Marketing background has brought New business to “Originals” and to the Art World.
MMI product development enticed gift locations worldwide from the “The Book Store” which over the span of thirty years has become the “Museum Masters Gift Shop”. MMI also was selected to design and publish the product for the New York Philharmonic’s 50th Anniversary and the Metropolitan Opera’s 150th Anniversary and elected to have Giancarlo Impiglia, prepare the suite of Met Opera signed lithographs.

Marilyn Goldberg and MMI is also -worldwide exclusive agent for Sid Maurer (Andy Warhol’s Partner) Having Original exhibitions, Maurer Penthouse Exhibitions, and Exclusive Licensing served for CelebrityIcons. She continues to serve as President of VillaMarilyn, landscaping and interiors in the world-renowned Southampton, New York resort area for residential, galleries and commercial and hotels. She serves as director of International Sales, and President of Marilyn Goldberg Interiors established in 1979. President of  Real Estate Developments of Southampton New York.

Marilyn Goldberg continues daily to maintain quality control on all of the exhibition catalogs and merchandising of new venues. 

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Lee Richter

Award-winning CEO, Marketing Expert, Innovator and Global Leader, Lee Richter, is recognized for many years as one of San Francisco’s Top 100 Women Business Leaders, Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses … and in 2022, she was named one of the Top 100 Innovators in the San Francisco Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times.

As a dedicated family woman, Lee Richter has greatly influenced her family to go beyond the norm and do greater things helping them achieve success alongside her. Lee is no stranger to success.

In her recent TEDx talk, “Navigating the Attention Economy: Unlocking Opportunities through Technology and Human Connection,” Lee Richter explores the intersection of technology and humanity, and how emerging technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, and artificial intelligence are transforming the world for entrepreneurs, students, business leaders, and communities.

Through case studies and current trends, Lee examines how attention has become the most valuable currency for advertisers and brand-builders, and how we are shifting our focus in response to these changes.

As a leading expert on blockchain and NFTs, Lee inspires entrepreneurs and business owners to develop and implement strategies that incorporate these transformative technologies to achieve financial and professional success in the current marketplace.

Overall, Lee Richter is a trailblazing entrepreneur, speaker, and global leader who is committed to driving innovation and empowering others to achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

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Ruben Gil

Expert in the creation of e-learning & Blockchain busines­ses. Founding partner of Grupo Performanze, a Blockchain, tokenization, NFT’s, cryptocurrencies, info products, and launches in digital products and Fintech. Grupo Performanze is an industry leader and received international recognition winning the Two Comma Club X Award, banking ten million dollars in online sales using one single marketing funnel. Co-founder of Bull Performanze (from which the Performanze Group takes its name), a company specializing in the creation and scaling of online education, generating more than thirty million euros in revenue in the last two years. Co-founder of the Crypto Master Academy- the largest online school on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain applied to the economy in the Spanish language, with more than 8,000 students from Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. Involved in the generation of new Blockchain businesses using NFTs linked to the art world. Advanced development of new Exchange platforms.


Nathaniel Hunter

“>For over three decades, Nathaniel Hunter has been at the forefront of the most cutting-edge technology and methods in the fields of film, games, social media, mobile computing, VR/AR, and scalable technology. His role as a key player in the advancement of CGI, technology, social media development, and innovation has been instrumental in the success of prominent organizations like Apple, Disney, LucasFilm, and WPP.

Nathaniel has an unrivaled expertise in business operations and technology, which he applies to create scalable solutions that help businesses of all sizes succeed.Nathaniel’s passion for entrepreneurship and investing has led him to become the founder of D1srupt1ve, a company that is changing the way businesses operate from the ground up.

As an investor and trailblazer of the latest and greatest technology and approaches to running and operating successful, intentional, and equitable businesses, Nathaniel has founded the D1srupt1ve Consortium. The consortium comprises a collection of companies that specialize in different areas, including manufacturing, logistics, marketing, technology, and operations. By collaborating and sharing resources, knowledge, and technology, these interconnected companies provide comprehensive solutions that raise the ability of each business to succeed as a whole.

Nathaniel’s visionary approach to business has helped create an environment where businesses are more efficient, productive, and profitable, while fostering mutual support and equity among all members of the consortium.

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